Rev. Peter Kakos: Trump a TV showman acting out

Sunday, March 19, 2017
Trump a television showman acting out

Regarding President Trump’s recent assertion that his tower was wiretapped by President Obama prior to the election, wonder why the incumbent says that we will need to wait for proof?

All we can guess is that it’s Mr. TV showman acting out.

Leaving his own Congressional supporters confused and in the dark doesn’t matter. They too are tragic victims of his theatrical play whose curtain to rise we anxiously await.

Perhaps he’s also emboldened by both parties’ cowardly reluctance to open any serious inquiry of his equally made-for-prime-time charges that the entire national election was, as he said as repeatedly “rigged, rigged, rigged” as “millions of people (presumably Democrats) voted illegally” (see Nov. 27, 2016, tweet), depriving our day-time idol of the limelight of a popular-vote award. If he should prove to be right, then our very democratic structure has imploded like the World Trade Center.

Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for the next exciting, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seats episode of “Who’s Trumping Who?” (forgive the grammar sacrificed on the 60-inch altar of a sharper sound bite).

Rev. Peter Kakos