Noel Gomez: Democrats trying to bring down Trump

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Democrats trying to bring down Trump

What amazes me is how the “Dems” are trying to bring down President Trump.

So Russia influenced our election, but who was president at the time?

What about Bill Clinton talking to the attorney general on the tarmac just before the election? Where are the answers to that?

To top it off, the “Dems” were voting for a loser who had emails that probably gave the Russians all the information they needed to screw up our elections.

I voted for Trump and if I were him, I’d step down after the chaos that’s going on. I wonder how he feels about America now. He was our chance to make America proud again because eight years of Obama was a nightmare.

Now Obama’s going around speaking and making tons of money on top of the roughly $208,000 a year we give him.

As a senior citizen and a vet, this is humiliating.

Trump and Obama don’t know a thing about medical insurance because, if they did, we’d have universal insurance.

I don’t agree with a lot Trump is doing, but in a country that has a new game that I call “Gotcha” we’re never going to have any say in this country’s future.

Maybe us seniors should leave and go to Syria and come back and perhaps we’ll get noticed.

Noel Gomez

South Deerfield