Merriam Ansara: Shame on US for its own meddling

Sunday, March 26, 2017
Shame on US for its own meddling

What’s extraordinary is not just our pain but our surprise to think that the Russians meddled in our elections.

After all, we are known to have meddled in the elections of Chile in the 1970s, in those of Iran in the 1950s, and now currently in the political affairs of Venezuela, among other places. One might say that the Russians learned from the best. After all, our meddling in Iran and Chile led to coup d’etats and in Venezuela and elsewhere has and is causing serious destabilization, upset and even chaos.

Now those on the left may say that I’m being too mild in my criticism of U.S. meddling in other countries’ electoral, political and economic life. That my list is too short compared to published intelligence documentation. And what about the Middle East?

Those on the right may say that I’m exaggerating or that we have done only what’s in our best interests, or even in the interests of the countries themselves.

Either way, I think the situation should give us great pause to consider what it is that gives any country the right to meddle in another country’s political affairs. Shame on Russia for meddling. But even greater shame on us for our own extensive meddling.

Merriam Ansara