Marvin J. Ward: Urges leaders to stand up for what is right

Sunday, April 02, 2017
Urges leaders to stand up for what is right

A letter published March 20 puzzled me because the writer said that he was waiting for the “curtain to rise” on the Trump show/circus.

I, and most of us who voted for the popular victor in the election, are anxious for it to descend, preferably permanently. Instead of a commander-in chief, or a CEO, we have an MC (master of ceremonies), or a BC (bozo in chief), who got there because of an outmoded feature of the Constitution that needs to be repealed so that the “democracy” that we constantly tout as being the oldest can be a real one-person, one-vote, not a compromised one.

With the propensity of the majority of the Republicans who control both houses of Congress to roll over and play dead rather than stand up and confront Trump and his illegal and unconstitutional actions, and to accept rather than refuse his choices of wealthy but unqualified individuals with personal and harmful agendas for his cabinet and agency heads, and who avoid at all cost any suggestion of getting this outmoded feature removed from the Constitution, the show is likely to go on for another 45-plus months And with the propensity of the electorate to re-elect incumbents, qualified or not (think George W. Bush, who got us into Iraq by lying, where 14 years later we are still sacrificing lives there), perhaps 48 beyond those.

Don’t any of our leaders have any backbone or courage to stand up for what is democratic and right and call for others to join that fight as the leaders in 1776 did? Today’s pace of life for the average citizen is much faster that it was for the average one in 1776, so it’s difficult if not impossible to count on her/him to rise up first. Who will lead this uprising?

Marvin J. Ward