Marion W. Copeland: Disappointed in lack of coverage for ‘Clear the Shelters’

Monday, August 28, 2017
Lack of ‘Clear the Shelters’ coverage disappoints

I was as happy to see the editorial (“Solar eclipse; mobile food; healthy bees,” Aug. 21) praising our community’s fascination with the eclipse, its generosity in supporting the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, and efforts to promote legislation against the use of pesticides that harm our neighboring species as I was disappointed to find no mention of the national movement to “Clear the Shelters” in the Gazette either before or after Dakin Humane Society’s successful participation in that effort.

Dakin has a long history of service in Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden counties and beyond and many volunteers and staff at both the Leverett and Springfield adoption sites live in the Gazette’s circulation area.

They deserve our recognition and gratitude for their hard, loving work all year round, but an event like “Clear the Shelters” represents an enormous amount of work on the part of Dakin staff and volunteers as well as an enormous outpouring of good will and love from a community that gave forever homes to almost 100 dogs, cats, and “pocket pets” and birds Aug. 19.

Marion W. Copeland