Lisa Baskin: Praises leadership of David Narkewicz

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Monday, November 06, 2017
Grateful for leadership of David Narkewicz

David Narkewicz is a responsible, decent, hard-working and experienced mayor who has the well-being and the future of Northampton close to his heart.

At this time of real anxiety about leadership and democracy in our country, I feel grateful and relieved that he is our mayor. His competence, and decency in caring for others, stands in stark contrast to the way it is lacking in Washington.

Narkewicz’s strong points include his support for resettling refugees in our community; his embrace of Northampton as a sanctuary city; his understanding of the real threat of climate change and preparing for that; his support of affordable housing; his uncompromising advocacy for funding our public schools; and, yes, even the rebirth of Pulaski Park.

I am grateful for his choices, and though I might not agree with every decision he has made, he has opened up the process. He has made the city website an invaluable resource for the entire community. He shows up for all sorts of events out of his own curiosity and personal interest. I believe his decisions are thoughtful, generally open for discussion and intended to benefit all the residents of Northampton.

Yes, we have issues that are impossibly difficult to solve: homelessness, health care, mental illness, true commitment to criminal justice reform and ending discrimination. The reality of these problems is visible every day in our city. Our state government, alas, is not doing its best. But Northampton under Narkewicz’s leadership is an example of how we might strive to be better.

I am voting for David Narkewicz on Nov. 7. Please join me.

Lisa Baskin