Jonathan Levin: Claims false balance in voter fraud reporting

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

“The body [Mr. Trump’s election commission] has drawn criticism from election officials and Democratic lawmakers, who say there is little evidence of voter fraud in United States….” With this passage the Gazette sadly contributes to the reduction of news reporting to an enumeration of they-said vs. they-said events.

You seem to be suggesting that the evidence of voter fraud is really just a matter of opinion held by unnamed (and thus, by insinuation, untrustworthy and even possibly imaginary) election officials, whoever they might be, and Democratic lawmakers (thus introducing the suspicion of partisan bias) and that those opinions are the extent of the doubts about the claims of large-scale voter fraud.

But, in fact, there have been many studies of voter fraud done — of which most, if not all, have concluded that voter fraud is exceedingly rare. This is something that the Gazette reporter might have easily verified by going, for instance, to the Brennan Center for Justice website, where there is a list of studies and analyses on the prevalence of voter fraud as long as my arm. But don’t take my word for it. Go to the Brennan Center site and verify it for yourself.

Jonathan P. Levin