Jim Armenti: Tone seems fair in Westhampton controversy

Monday, May 29, 2017
Tone seems fair in Westhampton controversy

I write in response to the letter regarding the website www.ourwesthampton.com (“Westhampton officials deserve respect,” May 26).

After reading the letter critical of this new website and being a Westhampton resident, I went to the site to see for myself. Apart from all else, I found nothing disrespectful of town officials. There was a lot of particular and detailed criticism of specific decisions, and the paperwork to back up the criticism.

In my opinion, given the duration and level of antipathy around this issue about locating a commercial sawmill on Northwest Road (I have been hearing about this for years), I think the website is level-headed, well documented and if anything restrained.

It’s true that, as the letter writer points out, there is a tonal antipathy, but that seems to be a fair usage when documents point to a lack of fairness by town officials. If the documentation is wrong then show how, but if it is right then the tone is warranted.

Jim Armenti