Jason and Laura Berg: Praise Tom Davidson’s work for schools, community

  • jacoblund

Monday, November 06, 2017
Praise Tom Davidson’s work for schools, community

We have been part of the Northampton community for 23 years. We have had the pleasure of knowing Tom Davidson and his family for the past 10 years.

Currently all our children benefit from the Northampton public schools. We have seen the type of person Davidson is as a parent, teaching professional and member of our community, and know he would effectively represent Ward 6 on the Northampton School Committee.

In the time we have known him, he has been an active educator working in the West Springfield School Department as a science teacher. He has also been an active and involved community member and a strong supporter of our public schools. He has served on the Ryan Road Elementary School Council and taught science for the Ryan Road after-school enrichment program.

Recently, he created and acted as race director for the Sawmill Scramble, a 5K fun run intended to raise money for Nature’s Classroom. His goal with this fundraiser is to make Nature’s Classroom free for Ward 6 fifth graders.

Davidson is also actively concerned and involved with education at the state level. He is a member of the Biology Assessment Development Committee, a statewide committee that reviews and critiques the science portion of the MCAS test.

He cares, he steps in when he sees a need and he works to help his community. That is the type of person Davidson is, and that is the type of person we need on the school committee representing Ward 6.

We are endorsing him because he is a person who seeks to improve our educational system both “on the ground” and at the state level. He has proven he can work with those around him and come up with viable solutions to long-standing issues.

If we elect Tom Davidson for Northampton School Committee, we in Ward 6 will have a conscientious, dedicated and skilled educator representing our needs.

Jason and Laura Berg