Sarah Hougen: Don’t ignore ‘bus people’ in transit talk

Friday, July 14, 2017

Thank you for covering the possibility of expanding train service here in Northampton (“Northampton’s popularity among rail riders boosts push for more service,” June 26). I am very glad that the ridership has exceeded expectations and there is hope to get more service.

I have a consistent bias towards public transportation and speak about it all the time. I feel you left out mention of bus travel, which has many options to New York City and many other destinations, if not all that the train offers. The bus is also located downtown and is much less expensive than the train. It is another, if not better, option that so many people in this area seem to not know about or somehow view as less desirable.

I recently attended the public hearing meetings on the proposed cuts to the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority. I left the meeting quite shaken and depressed. There were many good points made by the public who attended and see the city bus service as a true asset to us all. Many of us shared the sentiment that more buses are needed and more routes to encourage and sustain ridership. I left feeling that this was mostly going to be brushed aside and that us “bus people” would once again be ignored. Please continue to cover the need for a complete and comprehensive public transportation service in this area. Many of us depend on it and believe it benefits all of our futures.

Sarah M. Hougen