Helen Batley: Bids farewell to C-5A aircraft out of Westover

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
So long to C-5A aircraft out of Westover

On the front page of the Sept. 8 Gazette, it was a sad picture to see the last C-5A aircraft leave Westover Air Reserve Base to go to the “Boneyard” (“Westover’s last C-5A aircraft heads into retirement with final flight to Arizona base”).

When we saw the C-5A approaching, flying very low, my granddaughter and I would run out to the long driveway we have with our bucket of colored chalk. We wrote with white chalk a large “Hi” so the pilots could see it.

Because our driveway was wide and right in their path, they couldn’t miss the message and they would tip their wings a little. Then we had white towels, and waved them, so they could see it.

On Sept. 7, I went out on the porch and saw the plane leaving for the last time. The chalk days are gone for Amanda and I, so I looked up and wished I could run out there again with the bucket, and wish them goodbye.

But I’ll always remember, we had fun chalking it up. So long C-5A.

Helen Batley

South Hadley