Evelyn Billings: Blame management and shareholders for rising gas prices

  • mactrunk

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Blame management, shareholders for gas prices

A front-page article in the Sept. 6 Gazette (“Spike in gas prices bites for area motorists”) reports that the sharp increases are the result of Hurricane Harvey.

The oil infrastructure certainly has been damaged. What I don’t understand is why we, the consumers, have to bear the brunt of price increases.

Am I the only person who believes that it is incumbent upon upper management and shareholders to absorb some, if not all, of these costs? If something that we own breaks or is damaged unexpectedly, we are responsible for repair or replacement.

It seems to me that those who have the greatest investment in these companies would be seen as better citizens if they would come forth and assume at least some of the burden.

Let’s not blame Hurricane Harvey for rising gas prices. Instead, let’s agree that increased gas prices are, in large part, due to the greed of management and shareholders.

Evelyn Billings