Wanda Deitner: Bemoans Trump’s reception in Poland

Thursday, July 13, 2017

As a Polish American with many socially and politically conscious relatives in Poland, I watched with great interest Donald Trump’s recent visit to Poland.

I cringe at the sound of his name, his voice and the sight of him give me the creeps and I will never attach the words “President of the United States” to his name. I actively avoid watching him and participate in my own way in the resistance, hoping that impeachment will happen soon but fearful of the choices should impeachment happen. I read in some obscure article on the internet that Trump demanded the Polish Government provide him with a huge crowd at his Warsaw speech. I dismissed this as fake news.

But later, when I was speaking with my cousin Czeslaw in Poland, I asked him if it was possible that Polish authorities paid people to attend the rally at Krasinsky Square. My cousin chuckled and replied, “Absolutely!”

According to Czeslaw, Polish authories went to the local churches, provided transportation, food, 200 Polish zlotych (about $30) and accommodations if needed, thus enticing the common people to attend. My cousin added that this type of practice was common at political rallies during communism.

I asked Czeslaw how Polish citizens could bring themselves to be in the presence of an individual who lies flagrantly, disrespects women and represents all that is contrary to the strong ethics of Poland. Czeslaw replied that Polish people love Americans, and that because he is an American, all else is forgiven.

A sad commentary for so many reasons!

Wanda Deitner