John Danielson: Claims wood-burning does not speed climate change

Friday, August 11, 2017

Your editorial on Aug. 9 (my birthday!) on the “need for biomass balance” has the statement ”along with the knowledge that burning wood speeds climate change.”

Really? Has no one over there heard of the carbon cycle? Plants and trees, as they grow, require carbon (from carbon dioxide) and release oxygen and as they decompose (rotting in the woods or compost pile or burning) absorb oxygen and release CO2, completing a balanced cycle. Nothing created, nothing lost.

The state-sponsored Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences 2010 executive summary has a very nice full page devoted to the carbon debt after burning, which is a whole lot faster than rotting, and when it turns into a carbon dividend.

So, where is your source for saying that burning wood speeds climate change? Inquiring minds want to know!

John Danielson