Christopher Bowen: President, appointees unqualified, self-interested

Monday, January 23, 2017
President and appointees unqualified, self-interested

I agree with Ralph Nader when he says the new president will have “The fastest impeachment and conviction in congressional history, because he’s totally lacking in self-control.”

Anyone not already feeling betrayed won’t have long to wait. Collectively, the president’s cabinet shows little understanding of the role of government in maintaining society and culture. The appointees and the president are largely unqualified, clearly self-interested parties having no regard for the good of the many and for those yet to come.

This administration will plunder the country, loot its resources and ignore the people now that they have the chance. It’s the opposite of what government was created to accomplish, but it is all fueled by tax dollars nonetheless.

Speak out now before it gets worse.

Christopher Bowen