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Don’t wash your hair: Dry shampoo is the new way to go

I read a story that was so interesting that I read parts of it to Mary. And Mary has a short tolerance for things that I find in the paper and begin reading to her. This was a story in today's Wall Street Journal titled, "The Secret to Great Hair, and Sales, Stop Shampooing." Yes that got my interest, even though I am lacking much hair around the back myself. It's because if I try to get away with not washing my hair for one 0

Rotterdam: A second city that deserves to be discovered  

I'm up in my corner office for a few days, on the sixth floor of the Inntel Hotel in Rotterdam. Once again an unsung and less heralded city has impressed me. Maybe it's this grand hotel room, with the view of the Erasmus Bridge soaring above the harbor, and the tramways scooting across the river. The fast wifi, sauna in my room, and the exciting downtown I spent time in last night all added to the experience. When I set foot in the Hotel New 0

Michelin Awards its Netherlands stars for 2016 in Amsterdam

To any chef working in Europe, the word Michelin means a lot. The tire company's stars have defined the greatest restaurants across Europe since the end of World War II. Yesterday at the DeLaMar Theater, we found out which chefs will get new stars and which ones will keep their cherished designations for 2016. On hand was Michael Ellis, the Michelin Guide's director, and the theater was packed to the roof. A total of seven chefs would be getting stars today. And with a classic 0

Amsterdam in winter sounds like a great party!

I'm off on an adventure on Saturday when I drive down to JFK to board a KLM jet to Amsterdam. The last time I saw this exciting city was in January 2000, I remember how alive the city was even on a Tuesday night. Every bar was packed, the streets by the canals were full of people, and it had a great energy. Now, I'm coming over as a guest of Amsterdam tourism for a short trip called "Winternights." On Sunday we will get a 0

Brooklyn: A Beautiful Irish Story from the 1950s

It's funny to praise a movie for its slow pace, but I'd have to say that's what gives the new movie Brooklyn its tremendous appeal. It's the deliberate and held back way that the immigrant Eilis takes to begin speaking when she answers the phone. It's the pace of the courtship by patient good guy Tony. It's the long-held face shot, just that much longer than you'd expect, it's all a clear-eyed and passionate look at life in the 1950s.  The movie is based on the 0

Music Promoters Get Smarter as Album Sales Wither

While many bemoan what’ s happened to the music business, other promoters and artists just figure out clever new ways to make more money despite sagging CD sales. Justin Beiber, the guy so many people love to hate, set up a partnership with the ride-sharing app, Lyft, to lift his album sales. In a WSJ story, Hannah Karp describes how it works. “Starting the day before the album’s release date, users could opt to receive the album with any ride costing $5 or more. SoundScan 0

Today’s turkeys are getting bigger and bigger

I learned a bit about turkeys this week, in a story by Joann Craven in the WSJ that explains why Americans continue to be bigger in stature than every other nationality. We eat a lot of turkey. There are four kinds of turkeys, all based on size. And size has been an upward spiral, now it's 30 pounds and it used to be 23 lbs in 1996. The average turkey in the 1960s when I grew up was just 16 lbs, the birds were never 0

Why do people pick such bad names?

I just watched a friend drink a beer in a can, it was from Newburyport Mass. The beer was called “Green Head Ale.” I can’t think of a worse thing to name a beer after than what many would consider the most annoying and pain-inducing insect at the beaches of Massachusetts. It’s a truly negative connotation, so why would anyone pick that to name the beer after? It says nothing of the beer’s flavor, or the history, and it makes you think of being bitten 0

Going back for more ‘Dead and Company’ tonight in Worcester

The last time I went to a Grateful Dead concert I was working for the Valley Advocate in downtown Amherst, and I walked down Amity Street to the UMass McGuirk stadium to see the concert. I am pretty certain that at that tender age of about 21, I had ingested some LSD and I also remember that I made my way all the way to the front just below the stage, and marveled at Jerry Garcia's four finger picking. It is a dizzy memory but 0

Some interesting ways to grab attention

I enjoyed a few seminars this morning at the TBEX travel blogger’s meeting in Ft Lauderdale from experts in travel promotion and how to use social media. Frederic Gonzalo from Quebec City showed off some interesting tidbits about innovations he has seen in this space. Marriott, for example, is providing Go Pro cameras to their guests to use while they visit their Caribbean properties. No strings, no obligation to shoot video of their bellmen or lobbies--just a chance to grab the video camera and create 0