Jonathan Tucker: Bill Dwight’s leadership bridges a city’s divides

Last modified: Friday, October 30, 2015
To the editor:

I have been voting for Bill Dwight since he first started running for citywide office, and I keep voting for him because he makes Northampton work for everyone.

He reaches out to the residents of both Hamp and Noho.

Bill bridges our divides and represents all of the citizens of this amazing community, because he knows them.

I have encountered Bill in a dozen very different settings in Northampton. Frequently, he’s helping to raise funds for an important local cause, or helping to support the disenfranchised, or making sure he is listening to and engaged with an issue of importance to Northampton citizens.

Watching and reading about the recent candidate dialogues (debates might be too strong a word for Northampton), it was once again clear that Bill is not only concerned about what’s been happening, what’s occurring now, and the latest issues that have people energized. Bill is looking ahead and trying to make sure that Northampton steers itself in a direction that will give everyone a chance to be involved and to succeed. He talks about Northampton’s future in casual conversations completely outside of political settings.

Northampton’s welfare engages him, it matters to him, and stays foremost in his mind. That’s what I want my City Councillors to do. It’s how we need them to be.

Jonathan Tucker