Elizabeth Silver: Why I support candidates Dwight, Adams, Reade, Twarog and Wight

Last modified: Friday, October 30, 2015
To the editor:

I write in support of Bill Dwight and Jesse Adams for Northampton City Council at-large, Nat Reade for School Committee at-large and Katy White and Joseph Twarog for Forbes Library trustees.

Bill and Jesse have brought wisdom, breadth, common sense and progressive values to the council (as well the occasional levity). We are in capable hands.

At a recent forum, it was evident Nat Reade brings smarts, sensibility and considered deliberation in his thinking about education. He is open to hearing others, understands representative governance, and is dedicated to fact-finding and balanced approaches while uncompromising in his dedication to the best possible educational systems.

Joseph Twarog and Katy Wight are thoughtful and experienced (Joe as an incumbent, Katy as a publisher and a master’s in library science candidate who comes from a lineage of librarians and library trustees), and they are both devoted to the most efficient and public uses of Forbes.

Elizabeth Silver