Jonathan Goldman: Dwight uses moral compass in leadership on council

Last modified: Friday, October 30, 2015
To the editor:

Three years ago, I walked into City Hall for the first time to interview Mayor Narkewicz. City Council President Bill Dwight was there and he invited me to attend the next meeting of the Mayor’s Youth Commission. At the start, I was hesitant to participate in city government, but Dwight’s enthusiasm and confidence inspired me to immerse myself in helping Northampton.

During my three years of working with Dwight, he has continually taught me to speak up for myself, to stand by my values, and to always respect other’s opinions. These three characteristics are a strong reflection of the important role Dwight brings to the Northampton City Council.

With great joy and admiration, I support Dwight’s re-election. His unwavering respect for other people’s opinions, his ability to empower people, and his moral compass make Dwight an extremely qualified candidate.

Dwight, whether or not he agrees with someone, will always hear out their opinion and seek to better understand their reasonings. His efforts improve the communication within the Council and the community.

The empowerment Dwight encourages of community members creates opportunities for broad-minded, inclusive community engagement, allowing for a more active and diverse-thinking city.

By maintaining his core values, despite ongoing political pressures, Dwight never fails to follow the mission he has set out on as City Council President: helping improve the lives of all Northampton residents.

Jonathan Goldman