Jennifer Dieringer: Dwight’s return to the council would be great for Northampton

Last modified: Friday, October 23, 2015
To the editor:

I write to wholeheartedly endorse Bill Dwight as Northampton City Councilor at large. I know Dwight through my years serving on the Planning Board and Housing Partnership, and as a housing attorney at legal aid.

I have always been struck by Dwight’s commitment to equity, fairness and inclusion, and his understanding that a vibrant Northampton means diversity of all kinds, not the least of which is economic diversity. He has demonstrated that understanding in myriad ways, and notably through his support for the use of Community Preservation Act funds to build two affordable housing projects in downtown Northampton. These projects will bring affordable housing to Northampton residents who desperately need it.

Dwight is a big thinker, which is reflected in his leadership as council president. But he also demonstrates unlimited capacity to focus on all residents and will drop whatever he is doing to listen to a constituent, debate a point, or explain his position. He listens carefully, critically and without judgment.

Dwight’s love for this city is infectious; it truly makes others want to join in the conversation, which makes the decision-making process all the better.

Jennifer Dieringer