Ruth Smith: It is up to Hamas to renounce violence

Last modified: Thursday, August 28, 2014
To the editor:

Many of us who support Israel bemoan the loss of innocent lives in Gaza as well as in Israel, be they many or few. Many protesters take the media comments and images from the conflict at face value without understanding the complexity of the situation.

Many, both outside and inside Israel, want peace with the Palestinians, both in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Hamas charter calls for the destruction and non-recognition of Israel and the killing of every Jew. Hamas refuses to repudiate its charter. Until this changes and while Hamas continues to be the first to lob missiles into Israel, breaking every ceasefire, Israel has no choice but to fight back.

Unfortunately, in 2005, when Israel withdrew from Gaza, instead of using materials to build its infrastructure and economy to help the Palestinians, Hamas and the other terrorists in Gaza used the materials to build tunnels and more missiles to continue to implement its charter.

Until such time as extremists both in Gaza and Israel are no longer allowed to drive the conflict, it will be difficult for more peace-minded Israelis and Palestinians to exert a solution and find a way to live together, perhaps in two states, side by side.

Ruth Smith