Photo Gallery: Behind those eyes ...

Last modified: Thursday, October 23, 2014
I went to the Goshen Council on Aging picnic last week to take a picture of residents who are over 90, who were to be honored. I met Annie Thomas, 96, and a picture of her with a wonderful smile ran last week in the Gazette on the Seniors page.

I love this portrait, though. It was a cold, windy day and she didn’t want to get out of her car so I went to her and we had a wonderful conversation. As she watched people gather at the picnic, I watched her eyes — wondering what she was thinking in that quiet moment. I snapped this picture without looking through the lens, and was unsure if I had caught what I was seeing. Soon after, someone brought her a plate of food and she got caught up in the chatting and eating. I moved on to the rest of my day, but was touched when I looked at my photos later, and saw this one.

— Carol Lollis