Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers: Mexican street corn, the best side dish Lou's ever made

Last modified: Saturday, August 16, 2014
Sometimes I get an idea in my head, but my follow-through is not always up to par. I decided — in my head — that I would have people over on Saturday night for adobo pork kebabs and Mexican street corn. I had never made Mexican street corn and had been wanting to try it. Best-laid plans. I found my way to the little Latino Market at the Hadley Village Barn shops. An interesting little store with a friendly proprietor. It has lots of Latino ingredients and a large menu of takeout food. There I found several varieties of cojita and queso fresco — either cheese can be used for the corn. I chose the cojita. I was on my way.

I did all my other food gathering and was pretty much ready to get cooking. Trouble was, my head forgot to check to see if people were available Saturday night. Seems like nobody knew what my head was planning. Everyone I assumed would be coming for dinner was busy. No Mexican street corn that night. Decided to get pizza instead and watch a movie.

The next night though, Sunday, (not my favorite night for a gathering) an impromptu group gathered, ready to eat.

But the real point to this is, I finally got to do my Mexican street corn. It was kind of a fun food and a different, more exotic way to serve corn. You are supposed to grill the corn in the husk. I chose not to do that. I husked and boiled it for a couple minutes, and then browned it on the grill. Then I painted it with chili-flavored mayonnaise and rolled it in the cojita cheese that I had grated. A wedge of lime squeezed on the ear is essential to this dish. Next time I think I will spice up the mayo mix with a little chipotle in adobo sauce. The corn was a hit and I would definitely make it again. But on a Saturday night, because my head thinks it would go very nicely with a margarita.


I served the Mexican street corn as a salad last summer for about eight family members and they all raved about it.

I even had to give four of them the recipe. It was quite the hit. Scraping the corn off the cob was done after I charred it huskless on the charcoal grill. Quite delicious.

Might have been the best side dish I’ve ever made. Other than the saffron risotto I served last winter with classic osso buco.

P.S. How many times have I told you not to get any ideas in your head? Leave that to me.