Claudia Lefko: AP story on Gaza did not deserve to be on Gazette’s front page

Last modified: Wednesday, August 13, 2014
To the editor:

A front-page article (“Israel searches for soldier,” Aug. 2) about an Israeli soldier feared captured? One soldier, when more than a thousand Palestinians, including hundreds of children, caught desperately in the assault on Gaza have lost their lives.

One soldier, whose job is to fight, when thousands of innocents, many of them children are caught with no place to shelter from the bombardment? When so many, have been maimed, lost their homes and communities, family members, friends, schools, medical care, food supplies and electricity. When so many have lost the very network of people and support systems needed to support life, I find the article unconscionable, heartbreaking, really.

Why, when so much is being lost in Gaza, would the Gazette put this AP article on the front page?

Claudia Lefko