Andrew Larkin, M.D.: Don Berwick’s progressivism is right for our times

Last modified: Wednesday, August 27, 2014
To the editor:

Don Berwick Is running for governor of Massachusetts as a Democrat. He is the only candidate who has stated he is a progressive. Seventy percent of Americans support a progressive agenda. When he talks it is clear he has the thoughtful and kind manner of pediatrician. He answers question directly without evasion.

He is willing to talk about a moral compass. He believes that the role of the government is to help people. He supports a single-payer healthcare system. (As the Gazette recently noted, Peter Shumlin of Vermont ran for governor on this platform and won.)

Berwick supports public education. He says we are spending too much money on jails and that there are alternatives for nonviolent offenders.

He is opposed to casinos and to the pipeline. The Democratic primaries are coming up shortly after Labor Day, on Tuesday, Sept. 9. I encourage people to learn about the candidates and to vote for the best one, Don Berwick.

Andrew Larkin, MD