Bernadette and Emlen Jones: They’re voting for Berwick for governor

Last modified: Tuesday, September 02, 2014
To the editor:

We met Don Berwick recently at a gathering in Amherst. He is running along with Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman for governor in the Democratic primary Sept. 9.

We were so impressed we wanted to contact our friends and neighbors and encourage them to check out Berwick on his website: berwickforgovernor.com.

Berwick is not a politician. He is a pediatrician with extensive managerial experience gained as executive and founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and as head of the Federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid in Washington. He is a breath of fresh air, speaking compassionately about his goals: creating jobs, eliminating childhood poverty, reforming our costly yet ineffective prisons, becoming a carbon-neutral state, improving our infrastructure, single-payer healthcare and more. Borrowing from his managerial experience he shows how he would affect change using specific goals and clear methods to achieve them. He has a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing Massachusetts and has good ideas how to address them.

We hope you will take time to look up this amazing person and support him Sept. 9. Turnout in primaries is usually low. Your vote will be particularly important. We hope you will take time to assess Don Berwick for yourself.

Bernadette and Emlen Jones