Priscilla Deane & James G. Deane: Our flag is meant for flying, not trampling in a crosswalk

Last modified: Friday, August 22, 2014
To the editor:

One does not have to be a veteran (although one of us is) to be negative about a proposal to “honor” veterans by painting a downtown crosswalk red, white and blue (Gazette, Aug. 13/14).

We did most of our growing up in our nation’s capital after our family moved to Washington, D.C., during the Great Depression.

On occasion we traveled downtown by trolley to visit national monuments or to watch parades on Pennsylvania Avenue, waving our little American flags as the bands, playing patriotic music, marched by and the president’s open car passed. We learned to keep our national colors in the air, not down on the pavement to be trampled by careless feet.

Let the “Star Spangled Banner” yet wave in downtown Northampton!

Priscilla Deane

James G. Deane