Bob Armstrong: Healey has needed experience in AG’s office

Last modified: Wednesday, August 27, 2014
To the editor:

When voters look at the candidates for attorney general, they see a politician running against an experienced litigator. While Warren Tolman is not a bad guy, he is running as a state senator with no experience with the position he is seeking. His campaign message is, basically, “I will lead by treating the AG office like a Senate seat.”

The AG is not and should not be a politician — the AG is and should be a skilled litigator who functions as the people’s champion.

Maura Healey is the only qualified candidate for attorney general. She is passionate about the issues, experienced as a prosecutor, morally grounded, fair, progressive, forward-thinking, even-handed and brilliant. If you have a positive feeling for the AG’s office, it is probably due to causes that Healey drove as an assistant AG.

On Sept. 9, you have a choice, but the choice is very clear: Healey will be a fantastic attorney general. We in Massachusetts are truly fortunate that she chose to run. Let’s keep her there.

Bob Armstrong