Helicopter flies low over Echo Hill area in Amherst to shoot bank commercial

Last modified: Wednesday, September 10, 2014
AMHERST — A helicopter traveling low over the Echo Hill area of Amherst Thursday afternoon had people on board filming a commercial for a local bank, said Police Chief Scott Livingstone.

The chopper, Livingstone said, was flying above parts of Amherst to shoot footage for a PeoplesBank commercial.

He said he was contacted by the film director. The local branches, including the one at 56 Amity St., probably are not aware of the work, he added.

But John Garvey, president of Garvey Communication Associates in Springfield, which provides media support for PeoplesBank, said the helicopter wasn’t contracted to PeoplesBank.

“PeoplesBank did not hire a helicopter,” Garvey said.

Amherst is also home to a Peoples United Bank at 25 East Pleasant St. A corporate media representative for that bank did not return a call seeking comment.