Matt Vautour College Football Picks Week I

Last modified: Sunday, February 22, 2015
After not doing picks at all last year, while on semi-paternity leave, I'm back.

MAC Games


Akron over Howard

Central Michigan over Chattanooga

NIU over Presbyterian


Bowling Green over Western Kentucky


BC over UMass - I think this will be respectable, but there's a long road from 1-11 to beating BC.

Ball State over Colgate

Buffalo over Duquesne - I can't believe ESPN Gameday isn't at this game

Ohio over Kent State -

Marshall over Miami (Ohio) - One of these teams could go undefeated. The other could go winless.

Purdue over Western Michigan - Not a good year shaping up for the directional Michigans

Toledo over New Hampshire - I have no idea why any FBS team would schedule UNH given the Wildcats history of upsets. But I think Toledo is good enough to dodge this bullett.

Top 25 vs. Top 25 Games

South Carolina over Texas A&M

Georgia over Clemson

Season record: 0-0

Last week's record: 0-0

MAC Knockout pool

This season media members Dan Malone, Bob McGovern, Mark Chiarelli, Steve Hewitt and I are doing a MAC Survivor Pool over Twitter (#MACSurvivor). Each week we'll pick one MAC team to win. Once someone has picked a team once, they can't use them again the rest of the season. Once a team you pick loses, you're out.

I'm taking Eastern Michigan over Morgan State. There are very few good times to pick Eastern Michigan to win ever. Morgan State was 5-7 in the FCS last year. So if the Eagles are going to win. This figures to be the time. Like NIU, Buffalo and Akron to all win handily, but I wanted to save them for later.

Malone - Buffalo over Duquense

McGovern - NIU over Presbyterian

Hewitt - Akron over Howard

Chiarelli - Norhern Illinois over Presbyterian