Smith College selling off furniture and fixtures from former infirmary Saturday

Last modified: Wednesday, August 13, 2014
NORTHAMPTON — If you’re looking for a new bed, desk, filing cabinet, want some raw material for an art project or two or just trying to keep stuff out of a landfill, Smith College may be able to help.

On Saturday from 9 to 3, the college will be selling off office furniture, beds, tables and other surplus items from its inventory.

Donald Raucher, who is managing the sale for the college, said most of the items are from the school’s Mason Infirmary building, which is set to be torn down in favor of a new medical facility on campus.

The list of items for sale includes metal and wooden desks, bookcases, computer workstations, filing cabinets, infirmary beds, exam tables, sofas mirrors, lamps, bulletin boards and chairs.

Raucher said all of the items are in good condition and were in use until recently.

He said the main goal is to recycle and re-use these items without having to resort to dumping them.

Raucher said the furniture could also find new life as material for art projects.

“Northampton has a lot of creative people,” he said Thursday.

“It’s a good opportunity for an artist to pick up a couple of metal hospital beds and get creative.”

The sale will take place in the parking lot of the infirmary building on Paradise Road.

All sales will be cash only and buyers will be responsible for removing the items they buy.

He said if people walk or bike to the sale — which he encourages due to limited parking — purchases they make will be held until they can return with a vehicle to remove them.

The sale is open to the public and there will be no early admittance, according to the college.

Sample photos of some of the items for sale are available at www.auctionzip.com under auctioneer ID number 9337.

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