David West: Four points made about immigration crisis

Last modified: Monday, July 28, 2014
To the editor:

I was thinking about the immigration problems we are having and have the following observations.

1. People who say put them on a bus and send them back are just ignorant. No one and no country wants to be known for that giant blunder, if we were stupid enough to make it.

2. A good comparison to carry us through this is: Your neighbors’ (whom you don’t particularly like or maybe more accurately didn’t understand) house is on fire and you know they have kids and a dog. Do you call the fire department and sit in the yard and watch it burn? I dare say no; you run around the house looking for a way in or break in and take your chances. The fire has come to us and we have to respond appropriately.

3. We do have to send them back to the country of origin if we deem they will be safe (a very hard conclusion to make) because the onslaught will not stop if the parents think their child will have a better life here than where they are. It is human nature if where you are is awful.

4. We are in spite of our shortcomings a land of plenty and opportunity and people will keep coming. We need to come to a logical immigration policy. Our far right and far left need to find a middle ground. If they are both unhappy with the outcome of the final bill then they succeeded.

As a country we have to stop migrating to the right and left, listening to our supposed leaders.

Leaders help us find the middle, not push us to either end.

Look at the Mideast, their difference have destroyed their countries, not made them great. We always have choices to make. We need to try and make good ones.

David West