Ed Weisman: Gazette article on Eric Suher’s properties mired in innuendo

Last modified: Tuesday, July 15, 2014
To the editor:

The Gazette has a great track record of bringing local news into crystal-clear focus. From the Proposition 2½ override in Northampton to the controversy about the rainbow crosswalk, I rely on the Gazette for detailed explanations of local issues.

But the July 3 story “Sidelined summons: Visiting Suher’s many addresses” went wildly in the opposite direction. The article did not bring to light anything germane to the liquor license case.

Instead, it merely — and slyly — suggested all of the things Eric Suher might have been doing when the sheriff’s office tried to serve the summons: Suher could have been golfing at his country club. Suher could have been fixing a dryer vent in one of his many rental properties.

The tone hinted at something sinister in Suher’s real estate holdings. If there is, then tell us the story. But if there isn’t, then don’t inject an unrelated haves vs. have-nots question to the issue of the liquor license. A headlined article is no place for innuendo.

Ed Weisman