Fran Taylor: Obama must bring Marine home from Mexico

Last modified: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
To the editor:

On this past Independence Day, I was watching a story about a U.S. Marine held in Mexico and physically abused by Mexican prison guards. He made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico by accident, carrying his legally owned guns in his car. It makes me very angry to think that our president doesn’t have this near the top of his list of things to do.

If he doesn’t do something and soon, this Marine is going to just begin to die in spirit and health, if he isn’t badly injured first. He had PTSD before this. Now add this to his problems. This is how this president treats combat veterans?

Look at the VA scandal. President Obama, if you don’t do something to get this guy out of Mexico and back home and soon, you should resign from office and get out of the White House because you don’t belong there. Your legacy will be to be known as the worst president in history and that is what your daughters will have to deal with as they enter into the adult world.

I can’t help but believe they will pay a price down the line for your pathetic leadership of this country. You can’t wait to jump right into every issue with a racial element to it (“Trayvon could have been my son”) or the beer summit meeting with the cop and black professor, but when it comes to veterans, you are absent.

In the Marines, they have a saying: If you can’t lead, get out of the way. Let someone else do it if you can’t. Get that Marine home. This was a sad Independence Day for this Marine, his family and the whole United States when we have such an injustice taking place and the president does nothing.

Fran Taylor