Anne Monahan: Southampton has spoken on local tax matters

Last modified: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
To the editor:

The failure of the Southampton override should come as no surprise. In a Gazette article, one resident suggested, “People are frightened to see their taxes go up.”

Yes, families have had to get by on less and less over the years. Many are on fixed incomes and making do, barely. According to a Pine Meadow Drive resident, “another override will have to be considered in the near future.”

I would reconsider, as a special election costs the town money it doesn’t have. A 2-to-1 “no to the override” result speaks volumes. Our governments, be they federal, state or local, need to adjust their spending habits. People should live within their means and become more efficient. Rethink priorities.

Southampton should reconsider how and when raises are given. So what if school class sizes increase to more than 20? My class size was 32. The town could modify library hours, as other communities have. Big shiny new homes are being built in our town and will provide additional tax revenues. Our own tax bill rises 2.5 percent each and every year. I for one would be thrilled to see an automatic 2.5 percent increase in my revenues each year! Wouldn’t you?

Anne Monahan