Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers: Lou hears those dreaded words

Last modified: Thursday, August 28, 2014
Mere seconds after opening the refrigerator door, I could be heard swearing as I tried to reach the condiment bottle I needed that was lurking in the back of the top shelf behind about a dozen other bottles and containers.

Soon I had about half the top shelf emptied out just to get the bottle I needed.

This was when the wife chimed in from the living room with that dreaded suggestion every cook fears: “You really should clean the entire fridge while you’re at it.”

I think she was referring to the fact that all the shelves were sticky to the touch from spills and runover and whatnot.

Cleaning the fridge is not my idea of enjoying myself in the kitchen. Why, I’d rather mow my lawn than clean the fridge (Not that I actually mow my lawn).

Since I had half the top shelf emptied, I decided to empty the rest of it and clean it. After washing and drying the two-piece top shelf, I dutifully put it back in place and filled it back up with all those bottles and containers.

The problem still wasn’t solved but then a thought crossed my mind (Hey, it happens).

Why not use turntables to organize the top shelf? So I bought two, 9-inch turntables (also known as lazy Susans but we don’t use that phrase anymore because of our respect for the distaff side of our marriage).

These turntables have nubby, rubberized pads that stuff sits on, cutting down on things falling over. On one of them I put the most-used items: mustard, ketchup, mayo, chili oil, seltzer waters. On the other went most everything else. There was even a little room next to the turntables for bigger items like cooking oils.

These turntables work so well that sometimes I just open the fridge so I can spin them around. Way cool. But then I don’t get out much.

Good thing, because I still have to clean the rest of the fridge.


There is nothing worse than not being able to reach the condiment bottle. Well, maybe a sticky, dirty fridge. That was a good suggestion to clean it. Keep up the good work and clean the rest now. And it’s OK to get rid of the stuff that has been in there for more than five years, maybe even the stuff that has been in there more than two years. Believe me I know, condiments have a way of becoming one with refrigerator. And, whoever came up with the idea of “best by” printed on the jar was a genius.