Greenfield Community College receives additional $300,000 from state

Last modified: Thursday, July 03, 2014
GREENFIELD — Greenfield Community College is re-evaluating whether to increase fees in the fall after learning it will receive an additional $300,000 from the state this year.

President Robert Pura said Wednesday that the state announced it would provide another $13 million to community colleges throughout the state this year, with $300,000 for GCC.

State funding, which makes up about half of the college’s revenues, was $9.7 million this year and GCC received $315,000 in extra money to cover faculty raises.

“We are assessing the impact of the extra $300,000 as we speak,” said Pura. “We’ll know within a week or two what the impact will be.”

Pura said he is not sure yet whether the money would be used to offset a planned increase in next year’s student and program fees or if it would help cover other rising costs.

“We do appreciate what we’re getting,” said Pura. “Our delegation has worked hard to get this for us and we’ll continue, and it seems they will, too, to support and improve higher education.”

Pura said he does not want to raise fees if it can be avoided. He said the college has held off raising fees on programs for years.