Wednesday, August 13, 2014
For the week ending July 25, 2014


Mary S. Andersen-Connor, Shari L. Andersen-Connor, to Sonia G. Schloemann, Sonia Gisela Schloemann, 462 Old Montague Road, Amherst, $250,000.

Kann Prak, Prak Kann, to Mao Sokhan, Mom Yim-Mao, Prak Kann, Fisher St., 1117 North Pleasant St., Amherst, $1.

Barbara Slovin, Theodore Slovin, to Barbara Slovin, Tr., Slovin Family Revocable Trust, Theodore Slovin, Tr., 17 Arbor Way, Amherst, $1.

Katherine Glime-Lamotte to Joonkoo Park, Youngbin Kwak, 65 Sunset Ave., Amherst, $375,000.

Karen S. Parker, Thomas H. Parker, to Julia Y. Chen, 74 Amity Place, Amherst, $295,000.

Madeleine C Boisclair, MCB Nominee Trust, to Diana D. Kallio, 24 Greenleaves Drive, Amherst, $155,900.

Thomas C. Braden to Jonathan L. Clark, 61 Pine Grove, Amherst, $162,500.

Janet H. Brown, Janet H. Howard, Janet Howard, Janet Lynn Howard, Vera Shevzov, 18 Moody Field Road, Amherst, $640,000.

Sharon Hennessy to David Virgilio, Lisa Virgilio, 170 East Hadley Road, Amherst, $125,000.

Patricia P. Axtell, Silas Axtell, to Edward H. Axtell, Marissa Hickson, 237 Meadow St., Amherst, $254,000.

Samuel A. Sheridan, Sheridan Family Nominee Trust, Susan Rich Sheridan to Christy J. Anderson, Kevin Q. Gallagher, 68 Maplewood Dr, Amherst, $475,000.

Karen R. Merrill, Martha M. Umphrey, to Karen Merrill, 150 Market Hill Road, Amherst, $1.

Shea Avenue Realty LLC to Carriage Town Homes LLC, Shea Ave., Belchertown, $115,000.


Florence Savings Bank to LP Audette Builders Inc, Orchard Road, 205 Orchard St., Belchertown, $77,000.

Rhonda R. Jacobs, Rhonda R. Rainaud, Stanley Jacobs to Jackie D. Land, Paul Dolan, 266 North St., Belchertown, $224,000.

Lafleur & Son Inc to Carriage Town Homes LLC, 22 Meadow Pond Road, Belchertown, $90,000.

Kathryn A. Bellerose, Thomas M. Bellerose, to Jeffrey C. Allen, Tr., Mill Valley Nominee Trust, Mill Valley Road, Belchertown, $65,000.

Aaron Saiewitz, Karen M. Saiewitz, to R Lee James, Jr., Susan R. Personette, 46 Dana Hill, Belchertown, $229,900.

Marc Dugre, Roger L. Archambault Trust, to Robert W. Wojtczak, Tania M. Wojtczak, North Washington St., Belchertown, $88,600.

Pedro M. Almeida, Zelia F. Almeida, to Zelia F. Almeida, 31 Eskett Road, Belchertown, No Consideration.

Charles F. Ksieniewicz Personal Representative, Mary Ellen Kuzmeski Est, to Kandace L. Carlin, 401 Stebbins St., Belchertown, $160,000.

Edward F. Kirby to Conrad R. Kirby, Shirley A. Kirby, 55 Jackson St., Belchertown, $55,000.

Lynn R. Carney, Terence M. Carney, to Keeana R. Guyott, Michael K. Guyott, 246 Bay Road, Belchertown, $208,000.


Mary A. Dzialo to Jeffrey M. Palitsch, Rachel E. Goodell, 14-16 Federal St., Easthampton, $265,000.

Barbara Conner, Carla Miller, Donna Ray to Jeffrey L. Fournier, Michelle Fournier, 4 Franklin St., Easthampton, $160,000.

Amy P. Jacobson, Lynn S. Zashin, Allie Zashin-Jacobson to Amy P. Jacobson, Lynn S. Zashin, 46 Garfield Ave., Easthampton, $1.

Denise M. Wonderlich, Eric J. Wonderlich, to David A. Hardy Contractor LLC, Fox Run, Easthampton, $300,000.

Jennifer McGill, Matthew W. McGill, to Anna E. Bowen, Douglas A. Bowen, Mary E. Bowen Timothy E. Baldwin, 8 Clark Lane, Easthampton, $346,000.

Amy Bright Crowley, Daniel James Crowley, to Amy B. Davis, Michelle J. Dailey, 198 Hendrick St., Easthampton, $259,000.

Elaine Moczulewski, Stephen K. Moczulewski, S. Moczulewski to Rupal Patel, 41 South St., Easthampton, $107,000.


Lisa Porter, Saige A. Reisler, Siera Trust to Adam M. Plumb, Jennifer V. Nicoll, 829 Burts Pit Road, Florence, $272,000.

Chicopee Savings Bank, James Hogan, Michael Hogan, Patricia Hogan, to B&E Capital LLC, 619 Ryan Road, Florence, $210,000.


Alfred J. Smiarowski, Katherine J. Wilcox, Mary Ann Smiarowski to Charles W. Harris, Jr., 96 West St., Granby, $182,500.

Gretchen P. White Est, Robert P. White Personal Representative, Robert P. White to Donna K. Bousquet, Tr., KRB Family Irrevocable Trust, Susan M. Moffett, Tr., 183 East St., Granby, $1.

Town Of Granby to Cumberland Blues Realty Trust, Bedrock Financial LLC, Tr., East State St., Granby, $3,000.

Catherine M. Myers, Joanne C. Parry, to Jeffrey J. Asselin, Shannon B. Asselin, 22 Taylor St., Granby, $177,500.

Town Of Granby to Cumberland Blues Realty Trust, Bedrock Financial LLC, Tr., 12 Leo Drive, Granby, $1,000.

Town Of Granby to Stacey L. Canady, Thomas F Canady, Jr., Batchelor St., Granby, $100.

Jacalyn Parent-Tarbox to Amber Lynn Tarbox, Colt Harlow Tarbox, 409 East State St., Granby, No Consideration.


Richard S. Waskiewicz to David J. Waskiewicz, Richard S. Waskiewicz, Theresa M. Warner, 16 Maple Ave., Hadley, $1.

Elizabeth A. Elder to Soaring Heights LLC, 9 Sylvia Heights, Hadley, $100.

Nancy E. Fernald, Nancy Fernald Hodge, to Una Z. Reiser, 42 North Maple St., Hadley, $490,000.

David J. Fill to David J. Fill, Joyce C. Fill, South Middle St., 210 Middle St., Hadley, $1.


Cynthia J. Hardy, Malcolm B. Hardy, to Joseph N. Peltier, 71 Elm St., Hatfield, $205,000.


Miriam Jane Beane to Donn Sayre, Tricia K. Sayre, 80 Harlow Clark Road, Huntington, $130,000.

Evelyn J. McCoy, Evelyn McCoy, to Carolyn A. Booth, Ernest T. Booth, 106 Outlet Road, Huntington, $90,000.


Andrea C. Crommett, Laurel Crommett, to Matthew David Thomas, 35 Water St., Leeds, $206,000.


Terrence Erdt to Terrence Erdt, William Erdt, 42 Warner St., Northampton, $100.

David T. Lyons, Rebecca B. Lyons, to Joanne Marqusee, John Lawrence Mottley, 226 Prospect St., Northampton, $599,000.

GE Healthcare, Microcal LLC, to Malvern Instruments Inc, 22 Industrial Drive, Northampton, $1,500,000.

Vera Shevzov to Maria H. Rueda, 1 Franklin Court, Northampton, $448,000.

Pratoomrat Norris to Mark K. Hildreth, Jr., 351 Pleasant St., Northampton, $200,000.

Caroline M. Andrulis, John A. Andrulis, to Dingzhi Chen, Jian Ping Zheng, 62 Conz St., Northampton, $288,000.

Caroline K Brandt Living Trust, George M. Schroder Jr, to George M. Schroder, Jr., 28 Columbus Ave., Northampton, $1.

Hospital Hill Development LLC, Massachusetts, to Kent Pecoy & Sons Construction Inc, 103 Moser St., 104 Moser St., 111 Moser St., Northampton, $150,000.

Kyle Lee Hamer, Randall M. Ramusack, to Aaron Taylor-Waldman, Sarah Ketay, 67 Franklin St., Northampton, $389,000.

Brenda Lee Maurer, Nira Harper Elkins, to 11 Arlington Street Realty Trust, Edith A. Kurtz, Tr., Steven B. Kurtz, Tr., 11 Arlington St., Northampton, $487,000.


Lowell Kitchen to Michele L. Bagdonas, Route 116, 426 West Main St., Plainfield, $114,000.

Bettie H. Briggs to Bettie Hale Briggs Revocable Trust, Bettie Hale Briggs, Tr., David M. Briggs, Tr., 10 Prospect St., Plainfield, $100.

Gene M. Flores, Susan M. Flores, to Kathryn L. Jensen, William D. Latimer, High St., West Hill Road, Plainfield, $70,000.

South Hadley

Christopher Sandrilla, Debra Sandrilla, to Christopher J. Messier, Emma A. Mulvaney, 38 Cornell St., South Hadley, $186,000.

Ann C. Kosior, Paul J. Kosior, to Paul J. Kosior, 114 Richview Ave., South Hadley, No Consideration.

R E Reynolds LLC to Maraline Development Corp, Granby Road, South Hadley, $25,000.

Marie J. Gaffney Revocable Trust, Stephen W. Gaffney, Susan M. O’Connell to Jeanine R. Montgomery, 19 Hadley St., South Hadley, $174,900.

J N Duquette & Son Construction Inc to Ashley Royal Whited, Robert Lowell Whited, 6 E Red Bridge Lane, 6 East Red Bridge Lane, South Hadley, $447,500.

Mary L. Pigott to Aaron S. Haesaert, Lindsay Haesaert, 47 San Souci Drive, South Hadley, $353,000.

Beverly A. Astley, Robert H. Bergeron, to Michael F. Lenart II, 190 Woodbridge St., South Hadley, $176,000.

Kathleen A. Greenwood, Mary A. Smith, to Rebecca L. Houle-Johnson, Ryan K. Johnson, 83 Alvord St., South Hadley, $185,000.

Revocable Indenture Of Trust Of Susan A. Myers, Susan A. Myers, to Adam Myers, 117 Pine Grove Drive, South Hadley, $1.

Aaron S. Haesaert, Lindsay L. Haesaert, to David B. Henry, Nancy R. Jamrog, Nicole J. Henry, Lathrop St., 103 Alvord St., South Hadley, $330,000.

Alyssa N. Dawson Personal Representative, Leonard D. Patryn Est, to Alyssa N. Dawson, 14 Noreen Drive, Southampton, $1.

James M. Brunelle to Deborah A. Brunelle, James M. Brunelle, 33 Cook Road, Southampton, $100.

Chester J. Kellogg, Susan Kellogg, to James F. Boyle, Patricia A. Boyle, Nicholas Lane, Southampton, $500,000.

Triple Seven LLC to David M. Lepine, Old Harvest Road, Southampton, $268,000.

Amanda M. Mitchell, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc, Village Mortgage Co to Robert E. Williams, 242 Russellville Road, Southampton, $121,000.

Connecticut River Valley Development Inc to Olde Colonial Building Co LLC, Madeline Way, Southampton, $125,000.

A & S Realty Trust, Stanley J. Atwood, Tina M. Stevens to David M. Mikuta, Kathryn M. Cadwgan, 143 Russellville Road, Southampton, $282,500.


Irene R. Dufresne, James F. Culver, Janice Culver Gomez Jerry F. Culver, Joyce E. Culver, Marilyn E. Culver, Sylvia C. Duncan to Harriet T. Culver, 21 Old Goshen Road, Williamsburg, $1.

Harriet T. Culver to Joyce E. Culver, 21 Old Goshen Road, Williamsburg, $1.


Peoples United Bank to Charlotte Baillargeon, Robert Baillargeon, 14 Huntington Road, Worthington, $55,000.

Franklin County


L. Richard Warriner Jr. to Garrett P. Kuta, 510 Old Stage Road, $156,500.


Christopher W. Kostek and Nadya B. Beaudoin, formerly known as Nadya B. Kostek of Greenfield, to Christopher W. Kostek, 221 Williamsburg Road, $1.


Kate N. Rindy of Pecos, N.M., to Penelope A. Tarasuk, 8 Mountain Road, $1.

James M. Henderer and Lorna A. Henderer to Nathan Loughner, 20 Lee Road, $1.

Terrance J. Halbach to Terrance J. Halbach and Stephanie E. Halbach, 19 Thayer St., $1.


Robert A. Dihlmann of Northampton, Emily Dihlmann Lewney of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Diane L. Randall, formerly known as Diane Dihlmann Randall of Amherst, and Andrea Dihlmann Vinskey of Beaver Creek, Ohio, to Samuel Tobin and Isabel Castellanos of Princeton (Mass), 10 Leverett Road, $156,000.

Pratt Living Trust of Palo Alto, Calif., Saisie Hibbiard Pratt and Christina R. Pratt, trustees, to Pratt Living Trusst, Saisie Hibbard Pratt and Christina R. Pratt, trustees, 31 Lakeview Road, $1.

Frederick R. Wilson Jr. and Pat H. Wilson to David J. McCahon and Cynthia D. McCahon of of Deerfield, 21 Cooleyville Road (and property elsewhere), $100,000.

Isaac B. Paulman and Vanessa J. Paulman of Jupiter, Fla., to Will T. Fletcher and Melissa J. Fletcher, 185 West Pelham Road, $157,000.


Peter J. Rowell and Jean R. Rowell of South Easton to Valley Building Co., Inc., of Hadley, 332 South Silver lane, $234,000.

Pratt Living Trust of Palo Alto, Calif., Saisie Hibbard Pratt and Christina R. Pratt, trustees, to Pratt Living Trust, Saisie Hibbard Pratt and Christina R. Pratt, trustees, 515 Hadley Road, $1.


Mary A. Golonka Estate of Whately, Laurence F. Golonka, personal representative to James A. Golonka and Janice A. Golonka, 6 State Road/Routes 5 & 10 (land elsewhere), $50,000.

Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency of Boston to Justin James Wentzel of Hatfield, 48 State Road, $191,400.

Walter J. Harubin to Walter J. Harubin Trust, Walter J. Harubin, trustee, 274 Haydenville Road, $1.