Julie Zuckman: Why not anticipate where people will really walk

Last modified: Tuesday, July 01, 2014
To the editor:

I was glad to see the design for Pulaski Park in the Gazette. It looks very promising. I do want to comment on the zig-zag path from the back of the park down to what is the Roundhouse/bus station parking lot.

I don’t know what the grade is there (how steep it is) but unless it is exceptionally steep or the green area is dense plants and not grass, I feel certain that people will create what’s known as a “desire path” straight down the hill bisecting the zig-zags. Desire paths are human-created shortcuts that circumvent pavement. It seems like putting a paved path straight down could avoid plantings/grass damage and erosion plus an unsightly stomped down area. While people can use the steps, the human instinct to make a shortcut is well-known. Why not anticipate it?

Julie Zuckman