Edward S. Zuchowski, Sr.: Rainbow flag may have unintended consequences

Last modified: Wednesday, July 02, 2014
To the editor:

As I was driving by Jackson Street School recently, I thought we must be in the middle of pride week. Rainbow flags were flying everywhere. Gay pride was certainly on display. While I have no problem with that, I think that if we are to truly celebrate our diversity as a community, we ought to consider flying a flag for black folks, another for Hispanics and perhaps others for the Irish, French, Italians, Polish, our Jewish sisters and brothers, as well as for the various Christian denominations.

This would be a real celebration of our diversity. What troubles me, and many others I’m sure, is that one particular group is continually singled out above all others in our community for special attention and recognition, while virtually all others go unrecognized. Inclusivity should be the objective for all groups of people, not just a select few. Sadly, this display of rainbow flags may possibly do more to hurt the gay pride movement in the long run. It may actually breed resentment, intolerance and a wedge of division in our community rather than the hoped-for acceptance and tolerance which I am sure is the ultimate goal. Perhaps it is time to rethink this issue and make some positive changes for the better in the future.

Edward S. Zuchowski, Sr.