UMass coach Derek Kellogg mentioned in disputed NCAA allegations at Memphis

Last modified: Thursday, October 16, 2014
The uncle/guardian of former Memphis basketball player Pierre Henderson-Niles is accusing former coach John Calipari and UMass coach Derek Kellogg, who is a former Memphis assistant coach, of having a pay-for-play system in place for Henderson-Niles during his time at Memphis.

According to NBC Sports, Stephen Saine, Henderson-Niles' uncle has done time in prison for selling drugs and has written an autobiography that he trying to sell about turning his life around.

Henderson-Niles refuted the claims in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Henderson-Niles was a three-star recruit at Memphis, who averaged 5.2 points as a senior.

I don't know if there's any truth to the allegations. But it smells a little fishy. A guy, who wasn't that good coming out of high school, getting paid seems unlikely.

Plus A guy trying to get a publishing deal could have motives beyond having a clean conscience.

The fact that Henderson-Niles himself disputes it further questions the credibility of the allegations.

I'm guessing this gets some national attention because it's Calipari. I doubt it goes far with the NCAA.

I have a call into Derek Kellogg. I'll update when/if I hear back.