Busted on a time-card fixing scheme, ex-Northampton Police Dept. employee Keating pays back $30,000 to city

Last modified: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
NORTHAMPTON — A former civilian Police Department employee implicated in a time-card-fixing scheme has paid her financial obligation to the city in full, according to Mayor David J. Narkewicz.

According to an email response from the mayor’s office to a phone inquiry last week, Maryann Keating, the former Northampton Police Department administrative assistant who resigned last year, repaid the city $30,000 in restitution by the April 30 deadline.

Keating resigned Dec. 11 and former Northampton Police Capt. Scott A. Savino retired Dec. 13 after an investigation found that Keating had been paid for about $18,000 of time she did not work, dating back to January 2001.

According to former Hampden County District Attorney Mark Mastroianni, Savino was aware of the unauthorized pay and “knowingly” verified “a small portion of the unworked hours.”

Mastroianni was asked to lead the investigation by Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Savino forfeited about $8,300 in accumulated vacation time when he resigned last year, but is still eligible to receive his pension and will collect nearly $29,000 in sick leave which had accumulated since he was hired in September 1986. The sick leave benefits are being paid to Savino in three equal payments on the date of his retirement, six months later and one year later.

As part of her settlement with the city, Keating had to pay back a total of $30,000, of which $15,582 was paid with a combination of cash and forfeiture of vacation and sick leave credit. The remaining $14,418 was required to be paid by April 30, and that deadline was met, according to Narkewicz.

Keating and Savino were both placed on administrative leave in September 2013 when accusations about possible inconsistences in Keating’s pay records were brought to the attention of Northampton Police Chief Russell P. Sienkiewicz.

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