KD’s Tasty Eats and Treats offers frozen yogurt in Deerfield

Last modified: Monday, July 21, 2014
SOUTH DEERFIELD — One new Deerfield business, KD’s Tasty Eats and Treats, is offering refreshment amid the hot, humid days of summer — frozen yogurt.

Co-owned by Deerfield residents Daren and Kelley Melnik, the shop opened June 7 in a back portion of the New England Candle Co. building on Routes 5 and 10.

Daren Melnik said he hopes the shop will serve as a venue for community activities such as a “Teddy Bear Picnic Night” where patrons are encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed animals at 6 p.m. Monday.

Down the road, there might be birthday parties and hosting “Cookies and Canvas” nights, during which parents and children can make art together.

“This is something that my wife and I just wanted to do,” said Melnik, 37. “It seemed like a good idea for the community. We want it to be the go-to place for families to hang out and have a good time.”

The shop offers frozen yogurt customers can self-serve into cups and top with a variety of syrups, fruit, nuts and candy.

Flavors available include tropical fruit sorbet, strawberry, Tahitian vanilla, cheesecake and mint chocolate chip. Customers can choose from 62 different toppings ranging from sour gummy worms, chocolate chips and M&Ms to granola, shaved coconut and locally grown strawberries. Each of the five serving stations has two single-flavor taps and a third that combines the two to produce a unique flavor.

“Combining the strawberry and birthday cake flavors will make strawberry shortcake and mixing the tropical sorbet with the vanilla gives you a tropical creamsicle,” Melnik said, as he demonstrated how the machines work.

According to Melnik, the couple plans to add a deli to the shop by the end of July, where patrons will be able to order fresh sandwiches, soups and paninis. He said the business will buy produce from local farmers and that the deli meats will be purchased as locally as possible.

Melnik also owns D. Melnik Trucking Co. in Deerfield, where he provides hauling services for local companies and farms. He said that he and his wife, who works as a nurse in Greenfield, will maintain their full-time jobs and the store’s employees will run the shop during the day.

Melnik said they were inspired to open a frozen yogurt shop in part by their three children, Jaden, 8, Sofia, 4, and Cole, 2. “We wanted them to have something for the future and they can work here as they grow older,” he said.

So far, Melnik said, they seem enthusiastic. “They think it’s awesome and they like the idea of having a business. They’re already showing interest in learning and working, even at this young age,” he added.

“Hopefully, we will be able to turn this into an attraction where families in the town and surrounding communities will want to come and relax,” he said. “My wife and I are very family-oriented and that’s what we’re trying to bring here.”