Weekend Planner — Theater: Performance artist Sally Greenhouse performs at Flywheel in Easthampton

Last modified: Thursday, September 04, 2014
“Refreshing ... Swiftian humor ... Mordantly funny” — The New York Times; “The thinking person’s performance artist ... Hilarious and harrowing” — The Boston Globe; “Not as funny as Don Knotts” — The St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Yes, before there was Tina Fey, there was Sally Greenhouse, who began plying her satirical trade right here in the Happy Valley, regaling audiences with “The Greenhouse Effect,” a series of tragicomic autobiographical monologues on topics ranging from President G.W. Bush’s stages of moral development to the surreal premise that Freud got it backwards regarding women’s supposed compulsion to become men. Not a stand-up comic, Greenhouse describes herself as “that dying breed of performance artists who focus on creative non-fiction, delivered in a style that leads us to believe they are inadvertently funny.”

On Friday Greenhouse will be at Flywheel Arts Collective to present a monologue on “the lighter side of fears, catastrophe and trauma” as “a late Valentine present to all my former ‘Greenhouse Effect’ fans, who have inquired of me — from the Noho post office to Stop & Shop — ‘When are you reviving your show?’ ”

8 p.m. $10. Flywheel is at 43 Main St., in Easthampton. The performance will be recorded for broadcast on Easthampton Community Access Television under the technical direction of Kathleen Lynch. 203-1360