Arts and Humanities Awards from WFCR at the Log Cabin

Last modified: Sunday, September 21, 2014
WFCR honored author Jane Yolen, Easthampton City Arts +, and The Performance Project/First Generation tonight with an evening of thoughtful commentary, some jazz, some performances and provocative ideas from Robert

The Performance Project/ First Generation.

Krulwich, of NPR's Radiolab. It was a fun evening of familiar people and impressive honorees tonight at the Log Cabin. In charge and happy that his big project is just about to come to fruition, WFCR General Manager Martin Miller thanked his family for putting up with the long and hard struggle. In September 2014 the station will celebrate an open house in a spacious, state-of-the-art studio in downtown Springfield. It will be next to the park that was once Steiger's Department Store. No more cramped Hampshire House, at least for most of the staff.

Vanessa Cerillo of WFCR

Easthampton has been impressing me for decades. Now everyone has seen the

Burns Maxey of Easthampton City Arts+

remarkable comeback the town has made to become a cultural mecca, with arts lovers streaming in, 600 coming to one event in Eastworks and for their Arts Walks and Bear Sculptures...and Art in the Orchard. Seth LePore had the audience in his hands with his droll, on the mark humor from the podium. It was Powerpoint with a wicked twist, hilarious!

Robert Krulwich of Radiolab

Jane Yolen is an incredible writer and talk about prolific. She's got 350 books already published! But she was quick to point her finger and praise to her many neighbors, colleagues and fellow Valley residents who are also winning prizes and worthy of mention. The Log Cabin does such a great job with the food at these events, always a little bit creative, and this time it was lots of choices and small plates which was great. No big sit-down.

View the full photo gallery from tonight's celebration at the Log Cabin in Easthampton. https://www.facebook.com/max.hartshorne/media_set?set=a.10152170313987099.1073741837.620537098&type=1