Shavahn Best: We must eliminate horse slaughterhouses

Last modified: Monday, May 12, 2014
To the editor:

One wonders if this year’s Kentucky Derby winner, California Chrome, will one day end up being transported with truckloads of other scared and starving former race horses, work horses and pets to a slaughterhouse.

Many great, once highly profitable race horses have already met this fate. It is unbelievable that the horse-racing community of owners, promoters, trainers and jockeys has not taken a more visible stance on ending both horse abuse and slaughterhouses.

It is a very sad situation. How can we possibly consider ourselves to be the most civilized of species if this is the practice we routinely engage in and support? Each year millions of unwanted and/or homeless animals are euthanized; still more fall victim to heinous acts of brutality.

Please support anti-violence at every turn. Please support no-kill animal shelters; and spay and neuter pets.

Please think twice about attending or viewing another horse race until every last horse slaughterhouse is razed and turned into an animal sanctuary.

Surely we can offer more humane employment to the people involved at each level of these horrific systems, through, in part, different food, entertainment and even gambling choices.

If we learn how to coexist with all of the earth’s beautiful creatures by actively supporting and protecting them, then perhaps we would be more inclined to extend ourselves to supporting and protecting our planet, as well as our human brothers and sisters everywhere, across all so-called racial, spiritual and economic lines.

Shavahn Best