Extra Katie Ferris

Last modified: Monday, September 29, 2014
I had a lot of good quotes that didn't make it into my story on Ferris that's in Saturday's paper.

Coach Angela McMahon on Ferris:

On her leadership:

She just deferred to upperclassmen. But at things went along she found more confidence in her voice. This year in particular, she’s stepped up in terms of embracing that role.On Ferris making the most of the days she feels healthier:

She tries to maximize the times that she does feel good. You see a whole other side in terms of how hard she works knowing she can’t do it all the time. her pseed and her quickness are almost at another level. To see her play on those good days is at a whole other level.

On how Ferris' availability is determined:It’s about Katie and how she feels on any given day. One day could be great and the next day could be terrible. It’s literally a day-to-day conversation.FERRIS"Winning it fun. It’s been nice that we’ve had such a succcesful teams since I’ve been here."

On being proud of her place in helping to improve the program:

I worked so hard to be an impact player. I’m definitely happy with where the program is now. I just hope it continues.

On becoming more than just a shooter:

I’m proud that I evolved as a player over the years. When I first came in, I was just a shooter and only drove to cage. Now I cut and feed. I’m a big feeder. Angela really made me into who I am today.On what she learned off the field at UMass:

I definitely now see the bigger picture in everything I do. You have to do that to be successful.On Leadership:

A lot of the younger girls look up to me. I teach them. I’m always looking to make everyone else better.I was leading by example. This year I grew into it and became very vocal and took on that leadership role that I needed to take on.On her career ending:I really enjoyed my four years here. I don’t have any regrets or I wish I would have done that moments.On McMahon's influence:She’s been a great influence on me. She’s awesome. Sh’e well-balanced as a coach. You can’t have someone who is too mean or too nice. I’ll be using a lot of her in what I do.

On going into coaching:I can’t picture anything else. I don’t know if I’d be good at anything else.