Weekend Planner — Clubs: Doug Hewitt Group

Last modified: Thursday, July 17, 2014
When it comes to turning out CDs, Amherst-based singer-songwriter-guitarist-bandleader Doug Hewitt has never been in a hurry. A painstaking compositional craftsman, he took 10 years to produce his first album, 2006’s widely praised “Picasso Tomato.” His second, “Roots in the Sky,” released just this month, is the product of a seven-year gestation period. “I am a perfectionist” he says in a recent interview. “The songs are all orchestrated compositions being written and arranged just by me. It takes time.”

On Saturday the Doug Hewitt Group — including David Beauvais, sax; John Crankshaw, drums; Mitch Pine, piano; and Jeff Nissenbaum, bass — will be at Sam’s Cafe in Northampton for a free session to introduce the new CD and its slate of jazz-rock originals.

8 p.m. Sam’s Cafe is at 235 Main St. in Northampton. doughewitt.net