David Duseau: Why no conservative profs in ivory towers?

Last modified: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
To the editor:

In response to the recent letter by a University of Massachusetts professor regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on campaign finance, I would appreciate his assistance in directing me to the clause in the Constitution that defines free speech as “only what liberal college professors have to say in one-sided, liberal-biased, half-truths to young and impressionable minds.”

I know a young woman graduating from a local university who, when asked, could not name a single conservative professor at her school.

Four years of study at one of the most prestigious schools in America, and not a single conservative professor to offer an opposing point of view? It seems to me we need affirmative action in hiring at American institutes of higher learning, for this is clearly discrimination.

Don’t be fooled by the UMass professor and his neo-lib radical left-wing friends, the national press, the local liberal newspapers (if the Gazette wants to remind readers of all its political endorsements and associated party affiliations that go with those endorsements, since the paper started endorsing, that would be welcomed) or entertainment folks crying crocodile tears over the Supreme Court ruling, what they’re really angry about is that because of this ruling, they have competition in the mind manipulation game, and they hate having to share the propaganda machine with mere mortals.

David Duseau