Jannine Covelli: Thanks to many for Burnett Gallery efforts

Last modified: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
To the editor:

Located in the center of Amherst is an amazing art space: The Burnett Gallery. I have been privileged to make use of this large, well-lit space for my April show (“Order Seeking Chaos”). The Burnett Gallery staff and volunteers made this experience easy and enjoyable. The Jones Library staff was helpful, accommodating and warmly welcoming. I thank all of those who maintained the space and helped us with the lighting.

The gallery easily accommodated all my works and there was plenty of room for the many people who made their way up to the second floor to view, talk and share in the sweet treats provided by Kat Llamas.

My special thanks to “the crew” at Hope and Feathers and to the newspapers and magazines that publish information about local exhibitions and community activities.

I strongly urge all Amherst residents to visit the Burnett Gallery. This is your community gallery, and support it in whatever way you can. I urge area artists to submit applications to show your works at the Burnett. There are very few spaces like this that can accommodate large solo or group shows.

My special thank you to all who took the time to join me and others during the monthly (first Thursday of each month) community “Art Walk.” Support your local arts: view art, talk art, try art, buy art.

Jannine Covelli